2015+ M3/M4 Keyed OEM Crank Hub Kit !!!!

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Through the last few months the S55 platform has grown exponentially. From mild bolt-on cars to now having 600-700hp+ M3/M4's roaming the streets, it has been incredible to see the progress of these cars in such short time. 

That being said, we have quickly realized a large issue that some, if not most of you are already aware of. The S55 crank timing gear has become a dangerous failure point. If you are not yet aware, let me explain. 

The S55 , like many other BMW Engines, does not have a woodruff key locating the crank timing gear. The life or death of your engine is 100% determined by ONE bolt pressing the timing gear against the crank. With the incredible amount of Horsepower and Torque these engines are capable of, even with simple bolt on's , it quickly overcomes the pressure applied by this bolt. When this happens the timing gear spins on the crank, throwing your engine out of time. If this occurs , more often then not it will result in catastrophic engine failure.

What we have done is created a very simple, yet effective way to resolve the problem. Using OEM BMW Parts, we have created a keyed timing component to locate the crank timing gear, therefore eliminating crank gear slippage and allowing you to fully utilize the power capabilities of the S55 engine. It has been tested on everything from Stock Configuration cars, all the way up to the most powerful S55 powered cars in the world. This is sold as a kit, with everything needed to complete the job start to finish.

The kit includes :
Keyed OEM Crank Hub
Keyed OEM Crank Timing Gear
New OEM Vanos Bolts (Optional )
New OEM Valve Cover Gasket
New OEM Oil Pump Drive Gear with Friction Disc
New OEM Crank Bolt

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