TPG Tuning Street Exhaust for the 2015 BMW M3 and M4

As many of you have seen our other thread containing our Race Exhaust, we have more good news!

Introducing our first fitted and fully functional Street system. This fits the M3 and the M4!!! this one is actually on an M3!

This system utilizes the same 3" down pipes, 3" x-pipe and at the end we have installed a very aggressive sounding muffler setup. 

This is a prototype, so not everything you see is our final design. There are a few tweaks for fitment that will include custom mufflers, as well as adjustments in piping symmetry and tip placement. The sound should not change and thats important.

Disclaimer* The exhaust was placed on the car last night around 10PM and in western PA we got snow and rain in the morning when we wanted to go out for audio testing so understanding our excitement to pass on the information we went ahead and made some videos inside a garage. Its actually quieter in person, and sounds fantastic outside. I would guess this exhaust is about 40-50% toned down from our race exhaust buy still exhibits the same deep characteristics including our favorite feature minimal drone and rasp. At redline it exerts itself but sounds like only there. . You can still hear some gargling when throttle is released!!

We are planning on starting to take orders and hopefully have finished production photos and videos within 3 or 4 weeks. In the mean time, here are some photos of the mocked up piece and a short video inside a metal roofed garage lol.. Sorry, blame mother nature for snowing!

Watch in 4K*****