TPG Tuning Race Exhaust for the 2015 BMW M3 and M4

This includes 3" downpipes, the 3" mid pipes and also the rear section which is 3" with 3.5" polished tips. Also included are all V-Band connectors and CNC machined spacers / stabilizers. 


The TPG Race exhaust is designed for an aggressive sound level both inside and outside of the car, with all of the performance benefits that you would expect from a turbo back exhaust system. 

Our Race version, which will be available first will include a true 3 inch set of catless down pipes featuring stainless motorsports bellows. Pairing to the downpipes will be a set of FULL 3 inch zero resistance mid pipes featuring our unique x-pipe design that not only balances the banks in the exhaust but also sounds one of a kind. Finishing off the rear we designed a lightweight non-resonated 3 inch axle back which opens up to 3.5 inch polished tips. Make no mistake this is our race exhaust. It's loud. Cold starts are loud. from 2300-3300 there is some drone. at idle after warming up it sounds amazing. Wide open throttle as you can hear in the videos sounds like nothing else on the market. 

The Race axle back and Street axle back will be seamlessly interchangeable for those looking to run it daily on the street and use it at the track on the weekends. 

The exhaust is completely mandrel bent and fully welded in the USA.. All connection points utilize 3 inch Vband connectors for not only easy access, but also perfect fitment. Included will be all hangers, flanges to mount exhaust valve motors, and adjustable rear hangers for tip height control

Our Street Version will be available for purchase in April.... 

The race exhaust on our mustang dyno made 26 RWHP and 37 RWTQ!!!
This is the same exhaust we ran 11.1 in the quarter with. 

If you want the street exhaust with mufflers on it please reply or PM me with your interest and I will produce a list of first come first serve orders for it. They are going to be available first week of April.

Both exhaust systems are considered off-road use only.

I have attached new photos of the production version on the car and ready to go!!

Message me today for a shipping quote or call us / email us at our shop: