Drive Shaft Shop 1200 Horsepower Axles for the 2015 BMW M3/M4

At TPG Tuning our main goal is to go as fast as possible and sometimes you have to find a way to do it. Recently we ran our car at the track without launch control and hit an 11.1 We were hoping to capitalize on a 10 second run with slicks but found ourselves discovering a weak link. The rear axles... The first run with launch control and slicks resulted in a rear passengers side axle snapping. not giving up we replaced it that week and took the car back to the track... The results were identical but this time is was the drivers side...

Understanding they just couldn't handle the TQ and slicks we decided to contact our friends at The Driveshaft Shop! They developed an application for us that could be used in real world conditions and handle the stress we apply at the track. The end result was a staggering 1200hp capable axle.

We will be using these on our car and also be selling them directly from our shop. 
Price will be $1200.00 for both with core exchange. 

Here are some pictures of the broken axles and then the new DSS axles!